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Welcome to The Fantasy Box, where every box is an invitation to create unforgettable moments and inspire connection. We invite you to dig deeper into your fantasies and are here to help break down barriers between “normal” desires, and your wildest sensual dreams. 

Having a fantasy is totally normal. 

Research shows that more than 97% of people have sexual fantasies, including daydreaming about sensual and highly erotic scenarios. Studies have shown that fantasies are a common and normal aspect of human sexuality, with a wide range of themes and content.

While most people have fantasies, they don’t know how to act on them. Many feel hesitant or afraid to explore their sensual fantasies due to fear of judgment or stigma from society, peers, or partners. Concerns about being perceived as abnormal, deviant, or immoral can prevent people from fully embracing and expressing their desires. 

Living out your dream fantasy with a partner can be easy.

At The Fantasy Box, we believe that meaningful relationships thrive on shared experiences and quality time spent together. Acting out a sensual fantasy can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it's essential to approach it with thoughtfulness, communication, and consent. 

The Fantasy Box

First, get to know your partner and their preferences better with our famous Intimacy Quiz.  

Explore your deepest desires while being guided through a series of questions meant to uncover the wants of you and your partner. Communicate your likes and dislikes so initiating intimacy in the form of various fantasies is seamless and mutually enjoyable.



Next, take the guesswork out of planning with our curated Fantasy Boxes and signature Role Play cards.

If you’ve never explored a fantasy, it can be tricky to figure out on your own. Let our cards lead you and your partner through a series of scenarios with tips and tricks along the way to help facilitate the ultimate experience.

Our collection of handpicked items and intimacy activities is designed to inspire romance, spark conversation, and reignite the flame of passion, no matter if the spark is brand new, or may have fizzled out a bit.


Finally, why wait for the perfect moment to indulge in your fantasy?

With The Fantasy Box, every moment is an opportunity to celebrate love, sensuality, freedom of expression, and togetherness. All delivered to your door in one discreet box.


Are you ready to play?

  • Sensual

    Slow down and savor each moment. Indulge in sensations like smell, sight, taste, and touch as you connect with your partner. 

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  • Playful

    Explore our collection of flirty, fun Fantasies… for the pure enjoyment of it!

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  • Special Occasions

    Surprise your loved one with something you can’t find in stores…

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  • Power Play

    Who’s in control? There’s only one way to find out! 

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  • Role Play

    From wigs to costumes, role play is a fun way to spice up your relationship and tap into your creative side.

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