Privacy Opt-Out


Key Information Before Getting Started

If you reside in the United States or its territories, you have the ability to submit requests related to your privacy rights. Here are the available choices:

Retrieve My Data

You have the option to seek a report detailing the personal information we gather concerning you.

Erase My Data
You have the option to request the removal of the personal information we gather concerning you.

Opt-Out of Sale and Sharing(i) or Use for Targeted Advertising(ii)
You have the option to request that we refrain from selling the personal information we gather about you and that we do not reveal or utilize personal information for targeted advertising on unrelated or differently branded websites and applications.

Limit the Use of My Sensitive Personal Information
You have the ability to request that we utilize and disclose specific sensitive personal information solely for purposes allowed by law.

Correct My Information
You have the option to request the correction of any inaccurate personal information about you.

(i) We share your information with carefully chosen third parties in a manner that doesn't directly reveal your identity. This is done to enhance your interactions with us, improve our service to you, keep you informed about our products, services, and promotions, and customize online offers from select third-party advertisers based on your preferences. This sharing of information may be categorized as a "sale" of your personal information. For further information, refer to the Opt-Out of Sale section.

(ii) You have the option to decline Cross-Context Behavioral Advertising (CCBA) or advertising that tracks an individual's actions across various websites, applications, and services to deliver personalized advertisements based on their behavior.

Additional Details Regarding Request Submission

Once we've addressed your request to remove your personal information or exclude it from sales, you might still encounter generic advertisements related to our products and services. These ads could be directed at a broad audience or displayed on various platforms like websites, mobile applications, and connected device applications, aligning with the themes of our products and services. For instance, if you explore a do-it-yourself website, you might come across general advertisements on that platform highlighting our products and services relevant to do-it-yourself content.

In the process of handling your request, we'll aim to identify the personal information associated with or linked to the details you provide below. If you've utilized different names, email addresses, phone numbers, or addresses during your interactions with us, some of the information we possess may be connected to or associated with those alternate identifiers. Consequently, you may consider submitting additional requests using the alternative identifiers you've used.

Take Action on Your Privacy Rights

Submit your request by emailing Once your request is submitted, you can return to this page for additional requests. 

For access, deletion, and correction requests, we will assess the information provided to reasonably verify your identity. Additional information may be required for verification purposes. If the initial information is insufficient, you might be asked to answer a few questions.

For access, deletion, and correction requests, an email will be sent to you for confirmation. You must confirm the correct email address within six (6) days, or your request will expire. Please check your spam folder if you don't see the confirmation email.

If you are an authorized agent representing another individual, send your request to Include your full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number, along with proof of authorization to act on the individual's behalf. We will contact you for further details upon receiving your request.