Global Code of Conduct



 Our Values and Commitment 

This Global Code of Conduct, referred to hereafter as the "Code," delineates the international standards we anticipate you to adhere to in your everyday business endeavors representing Holiday Products, Inc., operating as The Fantasy Box and its affiliated entities (jointly referred to as "The Fantasy Box"). In our ongoing commitment to incorporate robust environmental, social, and governance practices, we pledge to engage in business activities in a lawful, ethical, and accountable manner. In pursuit of these principles, we aim to collaborate with Suppliers who align with our values and uphold elevated ethical standards.

Your Obligations

This Code is applicable to all external vendors, brand partners, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and their representatives, collectively referred to as "the Supplier" or "Suppliers," associated with The Fantasy Box. Adherence to the Code is mandatory and supplements any existing agreement or contract between The Fantasy Box and our Suppliers. The Fantasy Box exclusively engages with Suppliers who uphold all relevant legal and regulatory requirements in the countries where they operate. To ensure compliance, The Fantasy Box retains the authority to conduct audits, including the evaluation and scoring of Suppliers through third-party platforms. Compliance with this Code is a pivotal factor in our business award decisions. Any violation of this Code will be treated as a breach of the corresponding agreement or contract.

The stipulations outlined in this Code are applicable to all employees of our Suppliers, encompassing those engaged in informal arrangements, short-term contracts, or part-time roles. Suppliers bear the responsibility of ensuring that their subcontractors adhere to the standards delineated in this Code. It is expected that Suppliers effectively communicate the contents of this Code to their workers and subcontractors, overseeing the implementation of all measures accordingly.

In the current complex landscape marked by increasing regulations and heightened enforcement efforts, The Fantasy Box mandates that its Suppliers possess thorough awareness and adherence to all pertinent regulations. A strong commitment to maintaining a high level of regulatory compliance is essential. Additionally, Suppliers engaging directly with The Fantasy Box are anticipated to fulfill their contractual obligations outlined in any purchase order or agreement with The Fantasy Box.

The Fantasy Box retains the authority to revise and modify this Code, with the obligation to promptly communicate any such amendments to Suppliers.

As no code can encompass all policies or laws, if you have inquiries regarding any information in this Code or what is anticipated from you, kindly reach out to via email.


The Fantasy Box upholds the principles outlined in the International Labor Organization's declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In alignment with these principles, we anticipate that all Suppliers will adhere to the following standards:

No Forced Labor or Human Trafficking

Suppliers must refrain from engaging in or benefiting from any form of forced labor. Workers have the right to choose employment willingly, without surrendering identification or paying fees. Freedom of movement is a fundamental right. Suppliers are required to prohibit corporal punishments, threats of violence, and any form of mental or physical abuse, coercion, or intimidation.

No Child Labor

Suppliers are prohibited from participating in or benefiting from the use of child labor. The minimum age for full-time employment should align with the recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) or comply with the local country's laws, whichever is older.

No Abuse

Physical abuse or discipline, as well as the threat of physical abuse or other forms of intimidation towards employees, is strictly prohibited.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Suppliers must adhere to all applicable national laws or industry standards related to wages, working hours, overtime, and benefits in the country(ies) where they operate. Employees should be entitled to at least one day off in seven, with reasonable breaks and sufficient rest periods between shifts.

Reporting Misconduct

Suppliers are strongly encouraged to implement systems for detecting and resolving instances of noncompliant treatment of workers, including actions in violation of this Code.

Health and Safety

Suppliers are obligated to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, rules, regulations, and industry standards. They must ensure a safe and healthy working environment, including protection against fire, accidents, and exposure to toxic substances. The following measures are expected:

  • Provide a safe and hygienic working environment, considering industry knowledge and specific hazards.
  • Ensure access to clean toilet facilities and potable (drinking) water.


No Bribery

Suppliers are required to engage in business with honesty and integrity, upholding the highest standards of business ethics. Participation in bribery, corruption, or any other unethical or illegal practices with any entity or individual is strictly prohibited. Suppliers should implement internal controls to safeguard against such practices.

Furthermore, Suppliers must adhere to all applicable anti-corruption statutes in their country, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). They are obligated to maintain accurate financial books and records, ensuring compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, as well as accepted accounting practices.

Suppliers are explicitly prohibited from entering into agreements or understandings that hinder competition, fix prices, manipulate bids, allocate markets, or restrict sales. In the interest of preventing financial fraud and money laundering, any payment made by The Fantasy Box must be directed to an onshore bank account under the title of the contracted vendor, Supplier, or other designated third party.

Lastly, Suppliers must establish and enforce policies and procedures that guide employees in avoiding conflicts of interest.

Corruption, Gifts & Entertainment

Suppliers are prohibited from participating in any acts of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, or any attempts to unjustly influence private individuals, public officials, and/or the judiciary to gain improper benefits or advantages. It is mandatory for Suppliers to comply with all relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations, including those related to commercial bribery, in all the countries where they conduct business.

Gifts provided by Suppliers should be modest, and any travel or entertainment offered by them must be reasonable and suitable. The provision of gifts, travel, and entertainment should not have the purpose of corruptly influencing any public official in the performance of their duties or securing an unfair business advantage.

Importantly, Suppliers are strictly prohibited from offering any form of funding, donations, gifts, or entertainment to employees of The Fantasy Box.


The Fantasy Box Global Code of Conduct is based on the following international principles: 

  1. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code
  2. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  3. The Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization on labor standards covering:
  • The Abolition of forced labor
  • The Elimination of child labor

     4. UN Global Compact Principles covering:

  • Human rights
  • Labor standards
  • An -Corruption
  1. UK Modern Slavery Act 2015
  1. UK Bribery Act 2010
  1. US FCPA