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School Girl

School Girl

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The Fantasy: A quick quiz…how do you spell s-e-x-y? 

Little plaid skirt, thigh-highs, pigtails and as usual, an exciting Fantasy Box twist! The Naughty School Girl fantasy is one that’s at the top of everyone’s list. Step into the classroom of desire with a classic fantasy that is sure to make a trip to Detention beyond worth it. 

The Roles: It's all about the School Girl and the Professor in this popular fantasy. The School Girl controls this fantasy from the start by sending a teasing text at lunch—a little hint like “Feeling soooo naughty today…” to spark your partner’s imagination without spilling all your secrets. You can also make this fantasy a surprise, watching your partner’s jaw drop to the floor at the sight of you in uniform. After all, you’re not that innocent, correct? ;) 


  • School Girl Costume
  • Thigh Highs
  • Leather Paddle 
  • Pigtail Holders 
  • Lollipop 

*Costume styles and product flavors may vary

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