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Strut Your Stuff

Strut Your Stuff

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The Fantasy: Turn your bedroom into your own personal runway show. 

This Strut Your Stuff fantasy is the perfect opportunity for couples to embrace a good show as she shows off her sexy side in our collection of stunning lingerie. She’ll be radiating confidence as she seductively models each set for her special guest. 

The Roles: Our cards create thrilling scenarios that spark intense chemistry. We lead you through adventurous experiences, encouraging both partners to surprise and delight each other throughout the journey.

In this fantasy, she’ll play the Lingerie Lover and he’ll be the Special Guest with a front row seat to the catwalk. Our Signature Role Cards encourage couples to set a date for the fashion show, dress accordingly and be ready to find out what happens once the lingerie hits the floor. 
Note: Lingerie pictured is illustrative. Actual items will vary in style and quantity depending on combination of size and box level chosen.


  • 5 Stunning Pieces Of Lingerie Worth More Than $200
  • A RESERVED Sign 
  • Pheromone Infused Fragrance 

*Lingerie styles and product flavors may vary

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