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My First Fantasy

My First Fantasy

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Are you ready to start exploring new sensations as a couple? Don’t worry, we’re here to deliver them right to your door!

Creating an intimate experience with your partner has never been easier.

Each subscription starts with the discreet delivery of the My First Fantasy Box. Think of this fantasy as foreplay to the rest of the amazing date nights you’re about to share together. 

What should I expect with the My First Fantasy Box?

The My First Fantasy Box is bursting with a curated collection of starter products that will do more than knock your socks off. Each box includes our Sexy Surveys and Signature Role Play Cards that will help you go deeper than ever with your partner.

Setting a date has never been sexier.

In this fantasy, one of you will be the Leader and the other will be the Follower. Don’t worry if you’re new to role play. It’s easier than you might imagine.

The Leader sets the date and plans the fantasy. The Follower will read their instructions, show up to the date and play out their part of the scenario.

What should I expect next?

This type of fantasy setup is replicated throughout your subscription, so it’s an easy way to get accustomed to selecting roles and preparing for a night of fantasy fun. Sort of like taking turns cooking. We make it easy to take turns and switch roles when it comes to treating your loved one to the ultimate date night experience. 

After the My First Fantasy Box, your subscription will move into a curated series of our bestselling boxes as well as exclusive fantasies only available to subscribers. Get ready for an exciting ride! The
fantasies in your subscription rolodex include a variety of themes as you and your partner continue to discover new ways to excite each other. Strip poker, anyone?

The Naughty Details

Frequency & Price: 

Monthly subscriptions are billed at $129 per box and bi-monthly subscriptions are billed at $139 per box. Subscribers receive an additional discount on our Shop items at 20% for monthly members and 10% for bi-monthly members.

Billing & Shipping:

When you subscribe, you will be charged at checkout for the My First Fantasy Box. This box will ship within 2-5 days of receiving the order. Your next box in the subscription, Picnic Escape, will charge and ship on the 1st of the following month. The cutoff for shipping is the 15th of each month. If you subscribe and order the My First Fantasy box after the 15th, your next box will not ship until the 1st of the following month.

Example: If you subscribe on May 20th, you would receive the My First Fantasy Box immediately and the next box in the subscription, Picnic Escape, would ship on or after July 1st.

If you subscribe on May 5th, you would receive the My First Fantasy box immediately and then Picnic Escape on or after June 1st.

We stagger our shipments so you have time to enjoy your first box and ensure you don’t have two payments in a single month.


Pause or Cancel:

Your subscription can be paused or canceled at any time within your account.


  • Lingerie 
  • Satin Blindfold
  • Massage Candle 
  • Pleasure Feather 
  • Liquid Love 
  • Mini Sensation Wheel 
  • Enhancement Foils 
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